Sunday, July 18, 2010

certified and humane

So I contacted a trainer this weekend.

I wound up going with a trainer who I "know" from the Pit Bull rescue forum I've been on for the last year.  I'd been following a lot of her advice already, and she is the "no bull-shit" type of person I was looking for.  She's certified, experienced with fearful dogs, experienced with Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes, and I already have a certain level of respect and trust for her based on advice I've already gotten.

She's listed on .... a website of trainers committed to dog-friendly methods of training. i.e. Humane training. Training designed for dog to be an active participant in his learning. Training where you teach the dog to something specific, rather than teach it nothing and hurt it for not doing what you expected.  Training that teaches the dog to choose the behavior you have asked it to do, because it's a more rewarding choice.

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