Wednesday, September 1, 2010

buster's ball

Buster, my mostly 3-legged dog, loves nothing more than to play ball.  He will chase that ball until he collapses.

And once he does, he'll just lay there with the ball in his mouth squeaking it until there is so much slobber stuck in the squeaker that it just sort of makes a mush noise, instead of a squeak...

This dog is truly one in a million.  It hurts me to think that he had a family before and we have really no idea what happened to him.  He's a velco dog, he won't leave our side.  And he was house-trained since we brought him home from being at the kennel for 3+ months.  He didn't have a single accident.  He has manners (mostly).  His only flaw is that he thinks if it's on the counter, it's acceptable for him to get it. But we love him, and he loves us.

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