Friday, December 3, 2010


I got a recommendation for a dog-sitter that will come and stay at our house while we're away in the beginning of the year.  We've brought Roxy to other people's houses in the past, but it seems to be very stressful for her when we do that, so I'm hoping this works out better.

She's someone who volunteers in rescue, is recommended to me by a volunteer that I know and trust, and she's very inexpensive.  She also said she likes to come over several times before we leave to meet the dogs and make sure the dogs are comfortable with her.  That part is very important to me and Roxy because of Roxy's issues.  I need to know Roxy is comfortable with this person before I can leave her.  She's come over once so far, and Roxy did great for a first meeting.  We still have 2 more meetings (at least) before we leave, which I'm pretty hopeful for.  We'll be gone for 10 days, with no way to check in, so it's really important to me that I know my dogs will be comfortable.  I'm less worried about Buster, seeing as when she came over to meet them, he was best friends with her in about half a second.

She understands rescue dogs that have special needs like Roxy, and she understands that Roxy has special training and she has agreed not to have Roxy meet any people on walks while I'm not there.  Perfect.

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