Monday, January 31, 2011

roxy has bragging rights

This was so awesome it needed it's own post.

At the kennel today, when Roxy saw Tammy, she didn't blink at first because she was focused on meeting Sonny.  After that was over, and she looked up and saw Tammy, she was seriously just in love with her; she was all wiggles and bouncing at her, butt bumps and just plain loving every minute of it.  Tammy said she was a totally different dog.

Then she met Marie (who she's never met before), jumped on her, wiggling her little wiggle butt, then got down and butt-bumped her and just laid into her legs for scratches.

All of this from a dog who, only a few months ago, would barely even approach strangers without heavily considering an exit route.  All of this, without looking at me or coming back to me for treats.  I was so proud of her today. This dog is my soul mate dog, and she has seriously become such an amazing dog that I am happy to brag about.

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