Thursday, February 24, 2011

i guess sonny is feeling more comfortable

Well, Sonny has been more interested in playing lately, and last night he was even brave enough to run in and out of his crate when only Rob was home (huge!).

Rob was throwing Buster's ball, and after Buster ran into the kitchen, Sonny would run after him. Then he'd follow him back to the living room and go back in his crate.  But he kept peering out, watching Rob and then following Buster back into the kitchen.

When I got home, Sonny was even brave enough to come within a foot of Rob's feet and attempt to smell him, and even ventured towards the TV, which is further than he's gone before.

And then he collected all the toys in the living room, one-by-one, and carried them back to his crate.

Then, I woke up to this... Sonny's bed, with a giant hole in the bottom of it, with the tag torn off.  The picture I wish I'd taken was him in his crate, on his bed, with stuffing surrounding the bed, like an ocean of fluff.  But he doesn't like when people hover near his crate, so I didn't want to make him wait there while I took a picture.

Now I'm trying to figure out ways to exercise this boy more.  Walks aren't cutting it, and I can see his energy starting to come out.  It's difficult because he can't be off leash in the yard because he climbs fences and seeing as he isn't likely to come back, that's not safe.  I've been bringing him out on the retractable leash to give him some more room to run about, and he chases Buster around a bit... but his play style is different than Roxy and Buster's.  Roxy and Buster run a little, then wrestle and bite and romp.  Sonny is more of a run-and-play type of dog, where he wants to chase, chase, chase, and maybe play bitey-face a little.

I may have to take up jogging in the morning and take him out with me. Not exactly my idea of fun, by any stretch of the imagination....

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