Friday, March 18, 2011

roxy, overcoming her fears

Roxy continues to impress me.

Who, me?!

Last night, Vanessa, a volunteer and cat foster for our rescue came over with a cat that we may be interested in fostering.  Roxy not only did amazing with the cat, she did amazing with Vanessa, as well.

I had her and Buster in separate rooms when Vanessa came in with the cat, and when Roxy came out, she sniffed the cat carrier and then ran directly to Vanessa for some loving.  I didn't even have to ask her to go say hi, or encourage her to check her out... Nothing!  She just went right up to her and was all about getting some love:  butt scratches, chin scratches, body massages and, yes, even petting and scratching on top of the head!!

This was a dog that would only cautiously approach new people to sniff, with all her weight on her hind legs.  She always kept a watchful eye on the person, and if they moved, looked at her, talked to her, or attempted to pet her, she would run off to hide.

But Roxy didn't skip a beat last night.

Once she noticed the cat, she kept on wiggling for love with Vanessa, and eventually she slowly reached over to say hi to the cat, Andy.  She was gentle, only pulling a little bit on the leash, but not showing any signs of discomfort or aggression, and barely any interest beyond the initial sniff.  She responded to all cues:  look, leave it, sit, down, stay, and she rolled over.  All great things because she didn't even pause or need reminders, and she wasn't even remotely focused on the cat.

I can't stop being proud of this dog and how far she's come.

Aw, shucks.

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